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This marvelous and majestic natural monument rises above the Abu Dhabi Emirate and the megacity of Al Ain.
Numerous people falsely consider Jebel Hafeet to be the loftiest mountain in the United Arab Emirates (1163 measures).

History of Mosque in Dubai

Abu Dhabi recently saw the construction of a beautiful mosque. The mosque, which bears the name of the late Sheikh Zayed al-Nahyan, was inaugurated at the end of 2007 and quickly rose to become one of the top ten mosques in the world, accommodating 40,000 worshipers. It turned out to be a massive undertaking that took twelve years to complete and has already earned three entries into the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest carpet, chandelier, and dome of its kind. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a magnificent example of Islamic architecture in the twenty-first century, elevating traditional Islamic architecture to the pinnacle of sophistication and offering all the modern conveniences.


Architecture and Design

At Abu Dhabi’s main entrance, a platform nine metres above ground level was used to construct the mosque. The main layout combines domed Ottoman mosque architecture with a classical hypostile initially modelled after Moroccan mosques. There are two modest prayer rooms, one for daily prayers and the other for female worshipers, as well as a sizable prayer hall. The hallways lead to a spacious courtyard that is enclosed by arcaded galleries with pointed horseshoe North African arches raised on double columns. The overall building area, which was constructed in two phases, surpasses 22,412 m2, or almost five football fields. The mosque’s reinforced concrete shell was constructed in stages, with the second stage involving the installation of a marble exterior, inlaid carvings and decorations, and landscaping work.




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